We will lead bio industry
NAME OF COMPANY Komipharm International Co., Ltd.
REPRESENTATIVES Yong-Jin, Yang, Seong-cheol, Moon
FOUNDATION September 21, 1972
CAPITAL 5,327,937,200 won.
BUSINESS CATEGORY - Manufacturing: veterinary biological (vaccines), veterinary pharmaceuticals (medicine, disinfectant and e.t.c.), Bio-fertilizer
- Service: Clinical pathological experiment, test, analysis
MAJOR PRODUCT Veterinary product [vaccine, medicine, disinfectant, and e.t.c.]
FORMS OF ENTERPRISE Small & Medium Business (Under Article 2 of The Minor Enterprise Act)
The Head Office & First Plant
17, Gyeongje-Ro, Siheung-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
TSecond Plant
235-24, Chusa-Ro, Sinam-Myeon, Yesan-Gun, Chungcheongnam-Do, South Korea
Third plant
291, Osonggarak-Ro, Osong-Eup, Cheongwon-Gun, Chungcheonbuk-Do, South Korea
REGISTRATION IN KOSDAQ [Commencement date of sales] October 30, 2001
October 30, 2001 www.komipharm.com