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Since established in 1972, we, Komipharm, as top leading Animal Health Company, have been producing a wide range of veterinary vaccines and veterinary pharmaceuticals to keep livestock and companion animals productive and healthy, engaging in various research and development activities e.g. bacterial and viral isolation and genetic research.

In addition, we are recognized as technology-driven company, awarded “INNO-BIZ (Innovation Business) company” by the small & medium Business Administration, acquired “Technology rating certificate” (technology rating class: AA) and Venture company by The Korea Technology Finance Corporation, including various award record and patent rights.

Experts predict that the wealth of the country will be assessed by bio-industry or biotechnology sector in 21st century. To the flow of time, we, Komipharm, would play our roles to become Bio-Field pioneer, devoting ourselves to the development of new veterinary vaccine using genetic recombinant and expression technology, by the operation of animal disease diagnosis center for rapid and accurate diagnosis, and the development of anti-cancer drug, KOMINOX, which enables to treat patients without any side effect by destroying cancer cell’s gene though the direct attack of telomere.

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