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Since we, Komipharm, interested in the arsenical as initial treatment at the early of 1980 year, We have collaborated with world prominent researchers in order to realize an idea regarding development of drug. From seeing the possibility of arsenical with Dr. Rademaker, who is from Holland and is well versed in initial arsenical, We, Komipharm, launched a development of anti-cancer drug, which is named as Kominox.

At initial stage, We depended on a lot of parts from foreign technology. But now, induced an active participation of domestic researchers, and Komipharm research has gradually been spread. As a result, We could accumulate the research results like thesis, symposium presentation, and secure an intellectual property.

We have focused on oral anti-cancer and pain-reliever in order to develop a medicine that is an excellent effectiveness and safety and patient can use very comfortable at the same time, and will pursue it.

Also, We,Komipharm,will try to make staffs of R&D be developed their research ability so that they can grow as a leader in development field of new drug.


All staffs will do our best until kominox is commercialized and try to guard your health. Thanks.

Human Health Division Senior Director
Bong-kyu, Song


is a meaning that a person who is named as WOO GONG, keeps moving a mountain even though the mountain is very high. As above meaning, We, Komipharm pharmaceutical department, do our best without an abandonment.